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Janice Tober

Executive editor

A hotel lover since her first hotel stay, when she realized she didn’t have to make her own bed, Janice Tober is a freelance travel writer who has contributed to Lonely Planet, CN Traveler’s HotelChatter, Bravo TV’s Jetset and others.

Aside from sleekly-designed interiors (or grand opulent ones, depending on your personal taste), spectacular eateries, stylish cocktail bars and coddling spas, one of the things we like most about luxury hotels is the always at-the-ready service. And in the hotel world’s battle of amenities to stand out with guests, these services just keep getting better and better.

According to a recent global study of luxury travelers conducted by the folks at Hilton, nearly one-third of leisure travelers report that they plan little or none of their trip beforehand and 47% of travelers say they deliberately wait until they get to their hotel to make plans. Instead, they rely on their trusty hotel concierge to offer suggestions. 

Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Hilton’s luxe brand, has recently announced two new concierge services at select properties in the Middle East and Europe to keep guests happy—a Jet Lag Guru and a Book Master.

Sounding vaguely like a character from a Harry Potter novel, the Book Master’s job is to make sure you have a good bedtime book to prompt you to sleep—or to keep you up most of the night if the jet lag cure just isn’t working. This concierge will recommend a good local book based on your personal preference for adventure or romance, provide a list of hidden gem bookstores, or arrange for a different novel to be placed by your bedside each and every night. At the end of the night, Waldorf Astoria properties in Amsterdam, Jerusalem and Edinburgh will make sure you have a good story to tell.

The Jet Lag Guru is your go-to for help warding off extreme fatigue, jitters or that somewhat queasy feeling you can get after long flights crossing multiple time zones. Nothing can set you back in a new city more than that dazed, zombie-like shuffling gait of the truly jet-lagged. The jet lag concierge will meet with you personally to consult on what might work best to help you sleep soundly and chase away the fatigue.

At Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri, for instance, that might include the Jet Lag Cure treatment at the spa. Or perhaps a “restore your energy” detox lunch at Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace Versailles. While staying at Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, the Bath Master will draw your bath while you sip on a nighttime tea. Whatever it is and wherever you are, we hope you enjoy one of these new amenities to help you sweetly drift off to sleep.

If you want to read more about living the sweet life, check out this story about some of our fave hotel suites.

(Photo courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace Versailles)

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