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Janice Tober

Executive editor

A hotel lover since her first hotel stay, when she realized she didn’t have to make her own bed, Janice Tober is a freelance travel writer who has contributed to Lonely Planet, CN Traveler’s HotelChatter, Bravo TV’s Jetset and others.

If you happen to have $55 million at your disposal and you want to truly up your hotel game, this could be the hotel for you, dear intrepid space traveler.

In 2022, Axiom Space, a privately owned space exploration company, is planning to launch its first guests aboard a rocket to its eight-person space station. And, to meet the expectations of those who can afford the extraordinary price tag, it hired an extraordinary designer to create a home-away-from-home for clients during their stay in the cosmos.

Philippe Starck has designed everything from fancy hotels to boats and bikes, so what’s to creating a hotel room 250 miles above the earth? Zero gravity. That’s what. This means you’ll float and bounce like a balloon in the wind. Starck’s vision for his suites, then, focus on warmth and comfort in a cream-colored egg featuring soft quilted walls–lest you bump into something while you bob weightlessly. Imagine a mash up between a kid’s bouncy castle and a padded cell. You get the idea.

There will be fancy handles installed throughout your room for you to grip and help you move about. Not just any handles, of course. These are gold-plated or clad in leather. Plus there will be hundreds of little glowing LED lights on the walls, ceiling and floor–if you’re able to discern the difference between those surfaces. They will be synchronized to adjust to the time of day and will change color as your ship orbits the Earth.


And to capture all of your Instagram-able moments, you will have Wi-Fi access and video screens that allow for binge watching of Stranger Things on Netflix. You can also make phone calls to the office or say hello to the folks at home, should you wish to gloat.

A cautionary note: These hotel rooms are best described as cozy, so if you’re not good with tight quarters, you may want to rethink your plans and spend your $55 million vacation budget on another hotel.

(Photo credits: Axiom Space)

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